• If you’re single, is it 2x the effort to reach your financial goals? A MoneySmart Guest Blog Being told that I could never do it on my own actually motivated me. Those who voiced this belief were probably expressing their own fears. I am sharing the lessons I learned on how to manage my finances by myself after finishing my undergraduate during a recession. These lessons are now… Read More
  • Advice for New Parents: ABCs and RESPs When I first became a dad in 2011, my family and friends gave me two pieces of advice about kids that have proven true; Life comes in balance – the good and the bad – it will even out over time. Invest early in an RESP. While the first item is a bit more philosophical,… Read More
  • The Prenuptial – Naughty, Nice or Perhaps Just Plain Necessary? I began working as a babysitter for neighborhood families when I was 12. Sometimes there was one kid and sometimes there were upwards of four. My pay - .50/hour and $1.00 after midnight. This is when I started saving. When I was 15, I worked as a sales clerk at Marks and Spencer in St.… Read More
  • Critical Illness Insurance Why critical illness insurance can be so… well, critical When I was in my mid-30s, I attended a luncheon seminar on behavioural finance, examining why we don’t do what we know we should to better manage our finances. I had the good fortune of sitting beside a bright, articulate young woman named Carolyn who was… Read More
  • Money: It’s a family affair It’s amazing to me that when I’m waiting in line or at an event, I hear people talking openly about their dating escapades, very personal health issues or even private family matters. But have you ever noticed that in these situations you rarely catch people talking about their finances?  Maybe if it’s about a recent… Read More

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