• Meme Stock and Cryptocurrency Investing: Too Much Fun?   “I think all the SHILLS and FOMO got to me - I’m all in at this point! Just going to ignore the FUD and HODL! DIAMOND HANDS, baby! Let’s hope this thing MOONS!”*** If you have no idea what that means and you’re rushing to Google Translate to understand – don’t worry, I’m just… Read More
  • Four steps to take before jumping into crypto investments The increasing popularity of crypto assets and the ongoing media coverage of coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum have piqued the interest of many new and experienced investors alike. Whether you’re interested in investing in crypto assets or simply learning more, consider the following before jumping in: 1) Understand your risk tolerance Crypto assets are high-risk… Read More
  • Be the Change – Let’s Talk About Fraud I remember when my dad’s bike was stolen as a kid - from our garage. We were all shaken after the event, and couldn’t believe how close the thief got to us. After the bike was stolen, my dad did a few things to combat the situation – he told our neighbours so others were… Read More
  • Podcast Producer Moira Donovan Helps Shine a Light on Investment Fraud Investment fraud is frequently in the news, but for me, the true impact only fully sunk in when producing Money Smart Manitoba's Time to Call Out Fraud Podcast. Hearing from victims and experts first hand helped me see how being targeted by fraud affects people’s lives: it causes people to feel shame, weakens their sense… Read More
  • How to be an Investment Fraud Warrior in Five Easy Steps war·ri·or/ˈwôrēər/ noun (especially in former times) a brave or experienced soldier or fighter. When COVID hit and I found myself working from home, I quickly purchased a desk to avoid working at my dining room table. Being a proponent of “reuse and recyle” I turned to Facebook Marketplace and negotiated a deal on a desk… Read More

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