• The Gift of Financial Literacy – Pt. 2 Four Books To Give the Gift of Financial Literacy this Holiday Season - Pt. 2: For Adults COVID-19 has brought two financial extremes to light. There are people who are suffering great financial distress due to job loss, business closures and high levels of consumer debt. At the other end of the spectrum, there are… Read More
  • The Gift of Financial Literacy – Pt. 1 Four Books To Give the Gift of Financial Literacy this Holiday Season Part 1: Children's Books Did you know that a children’s picture book can tell a hundred stories, and teach a few lessons too? Books can be a fantastic way to introduce kids to and teach them about the importance of financial literacy. When… Read More
  • Giving Back to Our Seniors Giving Back - to all the fantastic older people who have left an impact on our lives I was fortunate enough to have three of my four grandparents live well in to their 90s, and one, in fact, was 102 when she passed away. Growing up, I had the benefit of their experience, wisdom and… Read More
  • Six Ways to Financially Cope with COVID-19 By all accounts, it looks like COVID-19 is here to stay for a bit. The situation is in a constant state of flux, especially as we hit what appears to be the second wave and more restrictions are being put in place in Manitoba. The best things we can do to protect our health are… Read More
  • How to Spot an Investment Scam Like a Pro – Pt.2 PART TWO of TWO A MoneySmart Guest Blog Rule 3# - Be wary of high-pressure tactics and a need to ‘act fast’ I use a pseudonym, covert email address and phone number to hide my identity as a government investigator. Given the suspect information that I have uncovered so far, I request more information from… Read More

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