• Money: It’s a family affair It’s amazing to me that when I’m waiting in line or at an event, I hear people talking openly about their dating escapades, very personal health issues or even private family matters. But have you ever noticed that in these situations you rarely catch people talking about their finances?  Maybe if it’s about a recent… Read More
  • What my 4-year-old is learning about money People often ask me, “When should I start to teach my children about money?” Much to their surprise, my answer is, “When they’re old enough to count.” If we think about it, most parents teach life-long habits to their kids at an early age. We don’t wait until they’re 18 to teach them manners and… Read More
  • 5 reasons for making your personal and financial affairs easy to understand Nearly one year ago to this very day my 54-year-old partner had a heart attack. I wasn’t notified by the hospital but by his brother, which left me a bit baffled. Clearly, I wasn’t listed as the next of kin. Either Bill did not trust me, or his next of kin notification hadn’t been updated.… Read More

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